Max’s All You Need To Know Guide To Prepping That Beach Bod

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for Max’s all you need to know guide for preparing to rock that beach bod. I know a quarter of the country was snowed in last week, but we live in Texas and its already 90 degrees here. So, shed that winter garb and follow these simple steps to start looking as hott as Max.


First, let’s all stretch those mutt-scles back out after a long winters nap.


You may want to take up hairy yoga too. It’s like hot yoga only you get an extra layer of hair all over anytime you hit the mat. Plus, I hear downward dog provides a refreshing face lick.


Once you’re good and limber it’s time to PUP IT UP!


Summer is coming.

summer is coming.001

You may be tired, but this is no time to paws. Remember: Do or do not, there is no try.


Also, ball is life.


Don’t overdo it, though. Dog tired is a thing. And it is fur real. It’s a fur real thing.


And get plenty of Vitamin D (it stands for dog).


By this point, you’ve probably worked up quite a pant. It may be time to really wash behind those ears.


Finally, it’s all about the golden vibe and accessories. They make looking good look good.


But all in all, while Max is for healthy living, he has definitely taught me that first and foremost you should know you are inherently beautiful.

Thank you Max, for your foolproof guide to the perfect beach bod. But thank you most for reminding me that any bod is a beach bod – it just has to be on the beach. And even if a body is not on the beach, it is still beautiful.



Too Cool For School

Over the past couple years, Max has been a pioneer of summer style. He has pushed the fashion limits to previously unknown horizons and has ushered in a new era of class. As summer break draws to a close this week and school is about to begin, I present to you Max’s exclusive guide for how to look too cool for school.


Pharrell is not the only leader in pup-rock hat fashion. Grab a rockin’ hat to convey your chill, stylish mood.


This provoking piece of fashion reexamines what it means to be leashed to our responsibilities. Are you really free to bark up any tree you want? Free to try these new styles? What’s holding you back? Are you the master of your own leash?


It’s been doggone hot this summer, but no need to cool down unstylishly. Just cover yourself with mud, you’ll look pawsitively beautiful!


Don’t want to get muddy? Not worried about modesty? You can also keep cool by going minimalist and showing your beautifur body just how it is.


It’ll be ruff going without some cool footwear. Max stomps out fashion furpaws with his hip socks and sandals.


And as we all get back to school or to whatever hairy business we find ourselves in, there’s no reason to be un-pup-fessional. Tie up your worries with a subtle, classy expression of yourself.


So, from ear to paw, Max has you covered for all your back to school style needs. Try one! Try them all! And retrieve envious stares and glowing compliments from all your friends!

Max’s All You Need to Know Guide to Fun in the Sun

School’s out, summer is upon us, and I am sure you are wondering: “What can I do to enjoy these long sunny days?”

Well, never fear! Max has just compiled an all you need to know guide for having fun in the sun this summer. Taken from his expertise in turning anything into a family friendly adventure, Max reinvents the word “fun” in these classic outdoor activities.

Doggy paddle your way over to the nearest swimming hole and take a dip


Hardcore Barkour!


Retrieve that inner kid and relive the golden years at the park


Hardcore Barkour!


Ultimutt Frisbee!


Hardcore Barkour!


Game, set, snatch! Tennis, fetch, it’s all the same – he’ll retrieve anything you serve up.


Hardcore Barkour!



You may be thinking, “That kind of sounds fun, but I don’t really like nature and planned to stay indoors all summer.” Well, you are in luck! Max has just extended his all inclusive summer guide to include these activities for you too!

Max out your TV time and catch up on some wonderfur new shows


Howl along to your favorite tunes


Get your paws on a fun board game!


Or just take a dog nap (much more social than a cat nap)


So, don’t let the dog days of summer get you down! Get pupped up with any of these fun activities! And as always, stay cool!


Staying Cool

Max is one hott dog. 


Now that it is summer, he is especially hot. Despite serious efforts on his part to shed as much hair as possible all throughout my apartment, he is still very hairy and I’m sure that is not very comfortable in the Texas summer heat.

His struggle with being hot has kept me humble and taught me not to complain when I feel hot – especially when I am complaining in shorts and a t-shirt. He, as well as many others, have a much harder time dealing with the heat in the summer than I ever will.

But equally importantly, Max has taught me how to stay cool as the heat continues to increase over the next several months.

He has a rather simple recipe for staying so cool. It involves water and mud.


He has taught me this lesson several times now, and has also taught me that it is important to employ this method of being cool at the beginning of an outing, not the end.

The first time, we were walking down a long, dusty path. I brought water for him to drink, but that did not do enough to keep him cool. So on the way out he dragged me to a big creek and jumped right in. 


Then, he finished it off with a nice mud roll.


Then we had to get in the car, and he taught me that next time we must get wet and muddy at the beginning so that we dry off by the end.

This week, I took him to a dog park and after running around for a while, he found the one mud puddle in the park.  Upon seeing it, he went straight in and dipped the bottom half of his body in like he was in a dog-sized chocolate fondue pot.  


I guess it feels really nice and it is definitely stylishly cool.

So, thank you Max for teaching me how to stay cool in the summer. And thank you for teaching me how best to deal with you when you decide to cool off. I may or may not employ your method, but here’s to many more muddy memories!