Space Cadet

Max is a space cadet. Of course he is often clueless about what is going on and will bumble into things, but I actually mean that I think he is preparing to be an astro-mutt. Maybe it is the 50th anniversary of the moon landing, or maybe he is just expanding his horizons, either way I have noticed these unique behaviors emerging recently…


He’s gotten less 10tative when looking down from the heights. I believe Max is ready to take any giant leaps for dog-kind.


This K-9 may be weird about getting in the water, but he certainly dives right into his weightless training.


In his new diet the past few months, Max only 8 his own bowls of food, plus all the crumbs the baby dropped, and whatever he could find outside. I think he is making sure can stomach anything.


Max puts in a solid 7 minutes a day studying, sometimes even reading the most cutting edge scientific research. He knows reaching the stars will take a mind as toned as his body.


He has been waking (all of us) up in the 6 o’clock hour. I’m not sure if it is his training regimen or that he knows he can nap all day. Either way it is far too intense for those of us who are not morning people.


By every evaluation, this is a 5-star dog.


Max insists that sleeping with all 4 paws in the air will help him quickly acclimate to a bed with no gravity.


This dog has been pulling up to 3 Gs in his own homemade gravity training, tail chasing program. Though he usually falls down afterward.


Max is simply 2 cool for this world.


For over 1 year, Max has been studying other strange creatures and is now prepared to meet any weird extra-terrestrial life.


There are 0 reasons to keep Max from blasting off in pursuit of his dreams.

Keep reaching for the stars, Max!


Max is a dreamer, I’m sure of it. I see how he peers out into the distance, dreaming up ways in which he can finally catch that rabbit taunting him.


But Max is also very grounded. He doesn’t spend long standing there before he is off again.  

I, on the other hand, get lost in dreams of what could be. And this dreaming is heightened even more as I venture out with Max. 

Now that the weather is nicer I like to take longer walks with Max.  And he seems to enjoy it too.  In being outside more, I realize how captivated I can become of things in nature around me.

During the day time, Max and I share a fascination with birds. I think he usually just wants to chase them, while I stare and marvel at how they function and how cool it would be to be a bird, flying high in the sky.

At night, I often look at the stars. I can see more of them where I live now compared to the past 7 years, and though I know I still can’t see even a small fraction of the depth of beauty of the night sky, it always captivates me.  I don’t think Max gets quite as much out of the stars, but he enjoys being with me.


As I stare out into the sky, I begin to think again of how cool it would be to be out there, exploring the infinity of space and time, to be lifted out of this world, this reality, and jump right into something totally unknown…geronimo!

And as I get stuck desiring to enter into those experiences of flight or space, Max often tugs me to move along, pulling me out of my reverie.  He keeps my feet on the ground, wherever my head may be.

In doing so, Max has taught me a valuable lesson about dreaming. I am still a fan of getting lost in the wonder of fantastical reverie, but there’s something to be said about staying grounded.


Max has taught me that as important as such dreaming is, perhaps it is more meaningful to appreciate my reality and allow myself to stop and enjoy space and nature just as it is from my perspective.

For there is nothing unfantastical about what I actually experience everyday.  Space is still a beautiful, unbelievable thing witnessed right from where I stand as I stop to admire it on a nightly walk.  Birds are still incredible and worth a certain degree of amazement even without imagining that I am flying with them.

So thank you Max for dreaming with me and for teaching me that grounded dreams are no less beautiful. Thank you for teaching me to stop and see the wondrous world around me as it really exists, without an escape to made up experiences.