Max’s All You Need To Know Guide To Prepping That Beach Bod

Spring is here, and that means it’s time for Max’s all you need to know guide for preparing to rock that beach bod. I know a quarter of the country was snowed in last week, but we live in Texas and its already 90 degrees here. So, shed that winter garb and follow these simple steps to start looking as hott as Max.


First, let’s all stretch those mutt-scles back out after a long winters nap.


You may want to take up hairy yoga too. It’s like hot yoga only you get an extra layer of hair all over anytime you hit the mat. Plus, I hear downward dog provides a refreshing face lick.


Once you’re good and limber it’s time to PUP IT UP!


Summer is coming.

summer is coming.001

You may be tired, but this is no time to paws. Remember: Do or do not, there is no try.


Also, ball is life.


Don’t overdo it, though. Dog tired is a thing. And it is fur real. It’s a fur real thing.


And get plenty of Vitamin D (it stands for dog).


By this point, you’ve probably worked up quite a pant. It may be time to really wash behind those ears.


Finally, it’s all about the golden vibe and accessories. They make looking good look good.


But all in all, while Max is for healthy living, he has definitely taught me that first and foremost you should know you are inherently beautiful.

Thank you Max, for your foolproof guide to the perfect beach bod. But thank you most for reminding me that any bod is a beach bod – it just has to be on the beach. And even if a body is not on the beach, it is still beautiful.



Max’s All You Need to Know Guide for Surviving Spring

Spring is in full swing, and you know what that means…
Max’s guide to surviving all this season brings!

Sun’s up, pup’s up!
The sun’s starting to come up early, and so should we – no humans will mind the nagging it takes to get them out of bed. And it’ll only get better and earlier through the summer!

Showers bring flowers, so cower from the camera’s firepower.
The hour is nigh for babies and dogs alike! Run for your life from the all too tempting scenic flower shots! Internet humiliation is at stake!

Hair for the chair! Hair everywhere!
We all know humans love to decorate with dog hair – that’s why they never clean it up (at least that’s what I’ve learned from Patrick). And now is finally the time we can offer such a wealth of resources for beautifying furniture, floors, and all fabrics! Let the fur fly!

Allergies? Please – be free of these and every sneeze.
I have developed a fool proof way of avoiding the pesky allergens all around. Just bury your head in the ground. They’ll never find you there!

Spring cleaning’s mean as can be.
Resist at all costs. If they get you, you can roll around in some dirt later.

Exercise will maximize intake of pies.
That beach bod isn’t going to mold itself, but more importantly –
more running=more treats.

The evening breeze will please and ease.
Find a nice comfy spot, and enjoy the peaceful evening with a good friend (or bone).

So, spring on up and enjoy this time of the year to the Max!