If you give a dog some food…

If you give a dog some food,
he’s going to ask for more food.


When you don’t give him the food
he’ll probably search for it himself.

When he can’t find any, he’ll look at you like you’re the worst.


Then he’ll want to go outside
to see if he can find any
free, discarded food.

When he gets outside
he might notice lots of tasty smells.

So he’ll probably look high and low
for anything that is edible.


When he’s finished looking for anything to eat…
Wait, he’ll never finish that search.

He’ll keep searching.

He might get carried away and
lose his head trying to find food.


He may even end up eating some grass!

When he’s done,
he’ll probably want to take a nap.

You won’t have to do anything for him,
the world is his bed.


He’ll walk around,
crash wherever he can,
and be asleep in no time.


He’ll probably ask you to rub his belly.

So you’ll rub his belly for a little while,
and he’ll ask you to scratch behind his ears.


When he sees you’re close to him
he’ll get so excited that he’ll want to get up
and play. He’ll ask for a toy.

He’ll play tug.


When the game is finished,
he’ll want to run around.

Then he’ll want to go outside
and walk around some more.

Which means he’ll need his leash.


He’ll go outside and remember
all the yummy smells.

Smelling all the yummy smells
will remind him that he’s hungry.

So, he’ll ask to go back inside.


And chances are, if he asks to go back inside,
he’s going to want a bowl of food when he gets there.