Max’s All You Need To Know Guide For Working From Home

As many enter a season of changed routines, including working from home, I have seen several tips for how best to use this time and make the transition to an effective home office environment. I too am making this transition, so I decided to ask the expert in my life, Max, what tips he would give for those preparing to work from home. Here is what he offered:

1. Keep your eye on the prize – no more copy machine jams! That in itself is worth enduring all the unnecessary video conference calls.


2. Take a nap. Not a wimpy little cat-nap either, but a good ol’ dog nap.


3. Find a hiding place so your family or roommates can’t bother you.


4. But also know where your family or roommates’ hiding places are so that you can bother them.


5. Dressing for the job you want now only applies for what people can see in the webcam. So strap on that tie and then anything goes down below.


6. Keep your days fresh by changing up your routine, for instance, with a nice mid-day nap.


7. It’s ok to make faces at your computer – it’s probably making faces at you in its own way, plus no one will see you now.


8. Stock up on treats. I…ahem…you will need them.


9. Netflix is out to get you. Beware and don’t get distracted.


10. You have complete control of the “office” temperature now! No more sweaters just because Fido runs soooo hot. For that matter, no more pants either (see #5).


On a serious note, Max and I hope all stay well and safe and help others stay well and safe!

P.S. Did I say this is the perfect opportunity to take more naps?


P. P. S. Who needs toilet paper?