Max Woke Up Like This

Summer is a time when many people take a bit of a break, go on vacation, and maybe even sleep in a little more. Max, however, does not need summer as an excuse to make himself comfortable and sleep more – he does it all the time.

Because he sleeps so much, I often catch him waking up, which is a perfect time to capture his true essence.

Max woke up like this…


A little dazed by the previous day’s festivities


Living his life balanced perfectly on the edge of security and danger, comfort and chaos, the known and the unknown.


Well, actually the floor is pretty well known, not that dangerous, and at least comfortable enough to fall asleep there too.


Ready to go outside and meet the day…maybe…




Oh wait, no, he told me he definitely did not doze off while working hard.


A little ticked that he was awoken.


With a headache? A mean, he’s hard headed, but seriously!


With a friend.


Caught trying to make a mid-nap snack.



Ok, maybe not flawless. But Max is a beautiful dog and he has taught me that even when we don’t look our best (when coming out of sleep or any type of funk), we are all still valuable and beautiful creatures. He has taught me that most of the time I will not wake up flawless and I will not greet a flawless world, but it is still a wonderful, worthwhile place.

(N.B. Beyonce don’t hold back, which means there’s some strong language)

So, thank you Max for enduring my laughs and pictures as you wake up everyday. And thank you for teaching me that no matter how I wake up, I am waking up to a new day with new opportunities.


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