Max’s All You Need to Know Guide for Surviving Spring

Spring is in full swing, and you know what that means…
Max’s guide to surviving all this season brings!

Sun’s up, pup’s up!
The sun’s starting to come up early, and so should we – no humans will mind the nagging it takes to get them out of bed. And it’ll only get better and earlier through the summer!

Showers bring flowers, so cower from the camera’s firepower.
The hour is nigh for babies and dogs alike! Run for your life from the all too tempting scenic flower shots! Internet humiliation is at stake!

Hair for the chair! Hair everywhere!
We all know humans love to decorate with dog hair – that’s why they never clean it up (at least that’s what I’ve learned from Patrick). And now is finally the time we can offer such a wealth of resources for beautifying furniture, floors, and all fabrics! Let the fur fly!

Allergies? Please – be free of these and every sneeze.
I have developed a fool proof way of avoiding the pesky allergens all around. Just bury your head in the ground. They’ll never find you there!

Spring cleaning’s mean as can be.
Resist at all costs. If they get you, you can roll around in some dirt later.

Exercise will maximize intake of pies.
That beach bod isn’t going to mold itself, but more importantly –
more running=more treats.

The evening breeze will please and ease.
Find a nice comfy spot, and enjoy the peaceful evening with a good friend (or bone).

So, spring on up and enjoy this time of the year to the Max!



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