Star Wars: A New Pup

In honor of the return of Star Wars to the big screen, here is a short tale of young Max Tailwagger, a jedi pupawan. Don’t worry, no spoilers for any who have not yet seen the new movie.

Meet Max Tailwagger, one of the bravest and most loyal jedi in the galaxy!


Though he is still a young pupawan, he is excelling quickly in his studies under Jedi Knight Patrick. He is often overeager and rash, but what he lacks in patience and thoughtfulness, he makes up for in quick action and enthusiasm. Not to mention the force of cuteness is strong with him.


Pupawan Max and his mentor have been on several daring missions to scout out those causing mischief and to keep peace throughout the galaxy. Through their journeys, Pupawan Max has taught his mentor that such peace cannot be kept from a distance. Rather it requires actually getting to know other beings and being open and friendly with all. Establishing and protecting peace requires the initiative that this young pupawan naturally possesses.


And Max has learned that sometimes one has to go to great lengths to bear that peace in all circumstances. Establishing peace involves not only breaking out of one’s comfort zone, but also laying down one’s own comfort to help other creatures. It can even feel like carrying around some strange green being on your back through a swamp…


Young Tailwagger knows that this hard work cannot be accomplished alone and has wisely demonstrated that he needs the support of many others, even those with whom he is very unfamiliar. And so, he is (usually) pretty open, even to pushy droids.

Max tailwagger has a long journey ahead of him, but with further training, good friends, and trust in the force, he will establish peace in the galaxy and one day become a jedi knight himself…


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