Max here again, hehe! Patrick could only distract me for so long, because I’ve got plenty more to say…


But today I must be very humble. I have to admit that Patrick does quite a bit for me.

Now, I would do all these things for myself if I could – I have the motivation. But it really comes down to the fact that he has thumbs and I do not. He is tall, and I am not (though I am much taller than that Chihuahua!). He can read maps and drive a car, and I cannot.


I have many limits, which means I cannot refill my water bowl, or open the door to go outside, or drive to cool places that have fun lakes. Patrick tries to make me think I cannot feed myself either, and though I cannot refill my food dish, I do sneak some tasty bites of things I find for myself on walks. (I think it annoys him, but come on – I gotta do something for myself, and it is just too tempting.)

And so I am very grateful for Patrick. He has taught me how to still live fully with these limits and he is there for me when I need that helping hand.


When I get down on myself for the fact that I cannot do many of the things I want to do for myself, Patrick supports me and shows me that I have many other gifts, like running much faster than him, sniffing out things and hearing things that he doesn’t see coming, and being compassionately present in joyful and troubled times. Patrick has taught me that while the limits are a real part of who I am, they do not fully define me. He has shown me that I have some wonderful gifts and that even in my limits there is some beauty in how I can depend on him and others.


Ultimately, he has taught me not to disparage these limits, but rather to appreciate how they draw us together. Because we are gifted in such drastically different ways, when we act together we can engage the world in a much more holistic way. And our dependence upon one another only strengthens bonds of care and love. Patrick has taught me that such dependence itself is far from a limit, but rather a wonderful strength that gives our lives more meaning.


And Patrick has taught me that we all have limits. He can’t seem to smell or hear much of anything, so I always have to keep a look out for what is around us. He does have a pretty good sense of adventure, but often he is too cautious and needs that extra tug to explore what is around the next bend. And he depends on my companionship in fun and troubling times.

So, thank you Patrick for teaching me that my limits are not such a bad thing when they are complemented by our mutual dependence. Thank you for trusting me and depending on me and allowing me to do the same with you.


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