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Hi there, Max here! Sorry about that, I don’t use the computer often, and it’s harder than it looks.


Anyway, Patrick is busy with who knows what right now, so I thought I’d fill in here, with a lesson from my human, Patrick! (We’ll see how he likes all the attention…)

Patrick does this thing where sounds come out of his mouth…a lot. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other people who make mouth sounds much more often than he does – it seems like it is an issue for almost all humans. But since I am around Patrick the most, I notice his mouth sounds all the time.

The sounds are usually not quite barking nor growling. It’s hard to describe. It’s kind of like he can’t stop jabbering or commenting on every little thing he does. Sometimes he makes these sounds to me, sometimes to others, and sometimes he even makes the sounds to that little rectangle thing he keeps in his pocket.


Now, I’m a pretty quiet dog. I don’t bark much. And I know some dogs that are much noisier, but at least they are shouting out some very important information that everyone needs to know. It’s the constant jabbering mouth sounds that I just don’t understand, especially when he doesn’t do anything about what he is saying; rather, he just sits and keeps jabbering.


I don’t want to be too hard on Patrick, because there are some times when he follows the mouth sounds up with some really meaningful actions – like when he finally lets me go explore outside or when he finally gives me a big bowl of food. In these times, I can tell that the sounds really mean something good. I can tell they are sincere and loving.

And I even appreciate the times when the comforting toned sounds are verified by a caring belly rub or scratch behind the ears. That is when I know the sounds mean something.


Though I have tried to pay attention to all the mouth sounds (well, at least most…it doesn’t count when we are outside), Patrick has taught me that most of them really don’t seem to mean much. A lot of the sounds are uttered into the air and do nothing to impact our lives or world.

But, some of the mouth sounds do matter. And Patrick has taught me that when those sounds are followed up by actions, their meaning can be clearly seen. He has even taught me that, in some interesting ways, the sounds can make the actions seem more sincere and meaningful.

So, thank you Patrick for not jabbering all the time and for occasionally turning the jabber into meaningful action. And thank you teaching me to use mouth sounds when necessary, but to always back them up with good actions.



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