Roommate Problems

Max and I have been roommates for a little over two years now, and overall it is wonderful. He’s been there when I’m lonely or when I need to run ideas by someone and he’s shared in my many exciting moments.

But, as with any roommate, there have been some problems…


He uses the bathroom for hours on end with no explanation.


But he doesn’t have great hygiene practices.


He eats up all the food and never goes to the store when we run out.


And then he stays in the kitchen for hours on end with no explanation (and without cooking anything).


He has this weird thing about feng shui and thinks he’s some kind of avant garde decorator.


But he doesn’t clean up his toys.


And he doesn’t clean up after his “experiments.”


He borrows my shoes without asking.


He’s very particular about visitors.


And he’s always taking all the blankets.

But I’m sure I do many things that are confusing or irritate him too. And at the end of the day, I will gladly put up with his weird quirks to be his roommate, if he will do the same for me.

So, thank you Max for being my roommate. And thank you for proving to me that we probably do need some sort of chore chart…


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