Too Cool For School

Over the past couple years, Max has been a pioneer of summer style. He has pushed the fashion limits to previously unknown horizons and has ushered in a new era of class. As summer break draws to a close this week and school is about to begin, I present to you Max’s exclusive guide for how to look too cool for school.


Pharrell is not the only leader in pup-rock hat fashion. Grab a rockin’ hat to convey your chill, stylish mood.


This provoking piece of fashion reexamines what it means to be leashed to our responsibilities. Are you really free to bark up any tree you want? Free to try these new styles? What’s holding you back? Are you the master of your own leash?


It’s been doggone hot this summer, but no need to cool down unstylishly. Just cover yourself with mud, you’ll look pawsitively beautiful!


Don’t want to get muddy? Not worried about modesty? You can also keep cool by going minimalist and showing your beautifur body just how it is.


It’ll be ruff going without some cool footwear. Max stomps out fashion furpaws with his hip socks and sandals.


And as we all get back to school or to whatever hairy business we find ourselves in, there’s no reason to be un-pup-fessional. Tie up your worries with a subtle, classy expression of yourself.


So, from ear to paw, Max has you covered for all your back to school style needs. Try one! Try them all! And retrieve envious stares and glowing compliments from all your friends!


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