Max seems to have either a really good imagination or he is very easily entertained.


He does not have many toys, because I’m a mean ole human. In fact, I think most if not all of his toys were given to him as gifts from other people.

But he does like to play with the few toys he has. They come in handy when I am too tired to play with him myself.

Right now he is really into a pink plush bunny that was a new gift this summer. He carries it around and chews on it and rolls around with it all over the place. I often even find it in my bathroom.


I know that he understands it is not alive, but sometimes he plays with it as if it was. I don’t know if dogs have imaginations, but Max is at least creative enough to find a wealth of entertainment from a simple toy.


Similarly, we have met several dogs at dog parks who are endlessly excited by balls or water jets. All these dogs are able to tap into some child-like creative playfulness that I often find lacking in my interaction with the world. They are able to experience very ordinary things in quite extraordinary ways.

Max, along with those other dogs, has taught me to look at things in a new light. He has taught me that I can either think of things as ordinary, bland, and boring or I can allow my imagination to take over and see greater possibilities for even the seemingly ordinary, bland, and boring things.


It is hard to make the shift to imagination and wonder especially when I get into a routine of checking off tasks and making sure I get through my list of responsibilities. But Max has taught me that even in these busy times and mundane activities, I can look for ways that the world around me is beautiful and exciting and filled with wonder. I can pause and look around and try to be more aware of the pink bunnies in my own life.

So thank you Max for teaching me to engage my sense of wonder. Thank you for teaching me to open my mind to the possibilities.


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