How do you know?

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
How do you know
If your dog loves you?

You pet him and feed him
And take him on walks,
But don’t know what he thinks
Cause he never can talk.


Does he love you or not?
Does he know that you care
Or just tolerate your presence
With dispassionate stares?


What brings him true joy?
He sure loves treats and food,
And when rubbing his belly
He knows it feels good.

But does he know why?
Can he understand
The reason behind
Your gratuitous hands?


How is love shown?
How do you know?
What really lasts?
What really grows?

When you walk in the door
He greets you with glee,
And follows you around
Always right at your knee.

You live and you learn
And adapt to each other-
Day in and day out
You seem more like close brothers.


Do you know that he cares
And looks after with longing
When you leave everyday
From your place of belonging?


There’s comfort that’s felt
When you’re in the same room,
And compassion conveyed
When you share joy and gloom.

It’s the littlest things
That pack the most punch,
When through daily shared life
You gain more than a hunch

That the looks and the hugs
And the listening ears prove
A caring, patient presence
Can clarify love.


You do tell him you love him
And you know that it matters-
These words of a promise
That make doubtful fears scatter-

But the words are just signs
Of what’s felt in between,
Because love can be shared
Without saying a thing.


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