Sometimes You Just Gotta Have Jelly Legs

Max is wonderful at receiving love. Whenever I start petting him his legs seem to immediately turn to jelly and he collapses so that I can rub his belly and he can enjoy to the full extent my loving attention.

ol' jelly legs 1

It is a joy to watch him surrender to that expression of love, fully embrace it, and become overwhelmed by it.

And this response has become very instructive for me. Max has taught me not to be too guarded. He has taught me that when it comes to giving and receiving love, vulnerability is important. Sometimes, we just have to open ourselves up and accept another person’s care.


Max has taught me the true joy of receiving love in such an open, honest way and that it is a wonderful thing to allow that love to knock me off my feet. It is wonderful to be overwhelmed by that love so that it fills up my heart and soul.


Max has taught me that in a world where there is hate and strife and loneliness that cuts us down and brings us to our knees that there is still hope of a love that knocks us on our back. He has taught me to be attuned to that love and expect it around every corner.

As I’ve mentioned, I have been overwhelmed by many things, but Max has taught me that at least one of those things can be the powerful, life-embracing force of love.


Max has taught me that in this life, sometimes you just gotta have jelly legs. Sometimes you just gotta surrender to the people around who give you love. Sometimes you just gotta be vulnerable to those who care and accept their love.

But not always, because sometimes you gotta give that love. Sometimes you gotta overwhelm someone else with love. And I’ve found that when I give that love to Max and he collapses in joy, I can’t help but follow him and feed off that emotion.

ol' jelly legs 2

So thank you Max for teaching me to be vulnerable and to accept the love given me. Thank you for teaching me to participate in the overwhelming power of love, either surrendering to it or lavishly giving it out.


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