New Year, New Toys, New Wisdom

Max has had a fun couple of weeks, besides getting sick last week. He has received several new toys, which he has been enjoying very much, and has been surrounded by festiveness.

And I think he has been trying to teach me various things during this time…


“Do not try to hide true joy. I can perceive past the wrapping and sense the wonderful value of what lies at the heart. Let it go! Unveil the deep-seated joy! No…for real…open this gift!”


“Also, opposable thumbs are awesome, never take those for granted. And don’t use so much tape!”


“Every person and dog is an invaluable gift in and of him/herself. Remember that especially after I eat the popcorn on this tree and constantly worry you about destroying these other gifts. He he he.”


“Holy tug toys, Patrick, you gotta get one of these. Trust me, I read “Doggy Style” magazine regularly and this is the fashion for 2015! #swag”


“I mustache you a question, do I look wiser because of the facial hair or because I am peering off thoughtfully in the distance? Oh, and mustaches are cool! #HipsterRevolutionForeverrrrrr And no, I’m not copying you; I had facial hair from the moment I was born…I’m just, you know, trying something new.”


“I never knew style could be so tasty! Did you put something in this mustache, it is quite delightful. Also, if I could just have a little taste of yours…”


“Sometimes the best things in life are small and fuzzy and fit in your mouth…didn’t you say we could get a pet rabbit, I mean, on an unrelated note.”


“A new year means a fresh start. I resolve that you:

Give me twice as much food

Let me chase all the rabbits


Trust me when I start climbing over you while you are sitting on the couch. I just need to lick your face. It’ll be fun.

Let me eat whatever I find on the ground – It’s FREE FOOD!

Never put this hat on me again. It’s cool, but I’m more of a red tug toy headwear type of dog.”


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