The difficult way

Max doesn’t think things through…almost ever.

And often that gets him into some peculiar situations.


It’s almost as if he has a knack for doing things the most difficult ways…but at least he does it in style.


While I am usually confused by how and why he gets in those situations, he has also taught me that even the difficult way still accomplishes the task. He has taught me that there are many ways to do things or think about things and that my way, though it may be most comfortable for me, is not the only way and sometimes not the best.

For I am sure he probably has as much or more fun doing things his difficult way as I do in mine.


And he has taught me that when I look around the world and see things working out in a long, slow process, I can still retain hope that things are progressing, even if in the most difficult ways.


Max also sometimes needs a little assistance when he gets into these situations and has taught me that we can be there for each other when we get stuck.


My oh my.

I still wish we could all work out our tough situations, whether individually or together, in quicker, easier ways, but Max has at least taught me that there is a way through even the most convoluted circumstances – we may just have to fall down a couple times and depend on others to pick us up.

So thank you Max for providing entertainment when you do things in an unnecessarily difficult way. And thank you for teaching me that there are many ways through tough situations and that we can be there for each other to help get out of them.


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