Happy Halloween or A Dog of Many Hats

Max is a dog of many hats…at least on Halloween!


Alright grasshopper, wax on…wax off.


Here I come to save the day!!!!!


It’s elementary…


Trick arrrrrrrrrrr treat!


Git along little dogies.


No sweat!


Domo arigato, Mr. Dogboto.


My best Snoopy as Red Baron pose.


Alright, enough of your shenanigans!

And through all those different personas, Max is still Max – a goofy, fun dog. He has taught me that no matter how many hats I may find myself wearing, I can still be me – a goofy, fun human. And as fun as the hats are, they don’t give him any more meaning. That meaning is intrinsic and flows out of him through all the different roles.

So thank you Max for making Halloween even more fun and enjoyable. And thank you for teaching me that no matter what array of hats we may find ourselves wearing, we are still intrinsically valuable.


2 thoughts on “Happy Halloween or A Dog of Many Hats

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