Tail Chasing

Max is a tail chaser.

It cracks me up every time. Sometimes he has too much energy that needs to be spent and sometimes that tail is taunting him just enough.

Max does other silly things, like chase crickets. I admit it looks like a lot of fun as the crickets bounce around randomly and Max gets to pounce about trying to catch them.

Max even has a couple of silly moves he employs when playing. When he is really hyper and running around outside he often sprints a little distance squats down and does a quick 360 before sprinting in another direction. And when we play in the house he seems to always get in this weird position where his head is sideways on the ground and his bottom is still sticking up in the air…


I don’t presume to know why he does all these silly things, but I also don’t know that he has a reason either. Maybe he just does them because they are fun, like the little kid in the park who takes off fully clothed running through the fountain. It doesn’t make sense, but when you watch it you can’t deny how fun it is.

I do my fair share of silly things too, but I tend to be overly cautious and wait until I have really thought it through. I suppose that is a helpful quality, but when it comes to silly things, thinking it through too much sometimes keeps me from being fully present in the moment and robs me of the spontaneous fun of it.


In chasing his tail and doing his other countless silly act, Max has taught me the importance of doing silly things just for the sake of it. He has taught me to run around and do something fun just because I can. It is in these acts that I seem to experience and understand something about the fullness of life that I miss out in merely thinking about what needs to be done or observing whatever is happening around me.

So thank you Max for being silly. Thank you for teaching me to let go more often and embrace that child-like fun that helps me experience life rather than merely observe it.


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