Max went to the vet this week and we found out he is mostly healthy, except his ears. He has a nasty infection (which the vet so graciously let me see through his little earscope thing…). This means two things. First, I now know the signs for doggy ear infection, even though Max was a champ at covering up the fact that something very wrong and painful was going on in his head.

Second, he has to take some medicines.


Max likes many things. One thing he absolutely does not like is medicine, particularly pills. I literally have to shove his heart worm pills down his throat each month.

But I really don’t blame him because I do not like medicine either. I am grateful for allergy medicine, especially after moving back to the place where my allergies are notoriously bad. It’s really tough to make it through a day without those meds. But I will wait as long as possible when sick to take anything, even if I know it will help.

I guess I just don’t trust the medicine. Or maybe I am too prideful and hold on to the belief that my body can take care of itself. I don’t need help from anyone else.  Even if I’m miserable, I can manage on my own.

Maybe that is what Max thinks too. He’s a tough dog and can carry on. 


Regardless, now that Max has to take a lot of medicine for his own good and I have to literally force feed it to him, it has made me realize how silly my own pridefulness is.

Max has taught me that I have to trust and depend on others. I cannot always do things all on my own and I do not always know what is best for myself. It is good to rely on others, or at least heed their counsel, whether I am sick or healthy.

I may still be wary of medicine and resist taking it (and I know Max will do the same), but I think we are now both more grateful for the people in our lives in whom we can trust and who seek to sweeten our lives by being there for us.

So thank you Max for teaching me to swallow my pride.  Thank you for teaching me that I cannot and should not do things all on my own, but rather I should trust those around me to help me follow wise guidance, even if it be in the form of a nasty pill. 


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