Max is a decent listener. Especially when he is not doing anything bad. As soon as he wanders off where he’s not supposed to go, he suddenly can’t hear anything.  But besides that, he listens to a lot of my rambling, complaining, distressing, confusion, joy, realizations, and whatever other craziness goes through my head.


And in doing so, he has taught me the importance of listening. Listening alone can heal the soul. And even if he’s not listening well, his presence does the trick.


There have been way too many times when something has been weighing on my heart terribly.  I usually keep that stuff in and deal or journal about it, but every now and then I just can’t contain it and it bubbles out.  And Max is there to listen – just to be and listen.

And that is consoling in a very significant way. True, I sometimes need someone to talk with, who will give me advice, embrace me, or tell me how silly I am being.  But at the base of all that care is a listening ear.


So thank you, Max, for listening.  I have needed it more than you know.  And thank you for teaching me the importance of listening so that I may return that favor to some degree to others I meet.


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