I almost get the bends thinking about it, but Max just heard N Sync for the first time. 

Something that added such meaningful spice to my life, that really did shape me (for better or worse), was not even a thing to him until now.

And I hate to admit this even more, but he taught me that one can have a meaningful life and not experience N Sync. Or BSB. Or any celebrity from any millennium. 


True, these different influences on my life have value and I think it is good to go back and experience what was crazy sexy cool in generations past, but when it comes down to it I can have an equally meaningful life whether I experience them or not. At least Max was still supa dupa fly before listening.  

And this goes for all experiences. Life is more than just experiencing everything for its own sake. We don’t have to be experienced people to be fulfilled people, wise people, loving people. Building significant connections with others is not centered around sharing pop culture experiences until we are black and blue. 

Yes, I think everyone should that know I am beautiful, no matter what they say, but nevermind if you don’t. Max has taught me that we can still be friends, no strings attached. 


But I think Max did enjoy what I made him listen to, even if he enjoyed it doggystyle, by subtly ignoring it.

And in enjoying the music, Max has also taught me that it is fun and meaningful to grace the lives of others with these songs and the memories they invoke. Maybe that is the important part of having these experiences with music or activities – that they provide an opportunity to share the joyful things in life with others. 

We are not better for having experienced them, we are better for growing closer to others while sharing that experience for the first time or, baby, one more time.

So thank you Max for listening to my 90s music experience. And thank you for teaching me that that experience will not necessarily make your or my life qualitatively better but that it can be a catalyst to deepening relationships, which is well worth it.

By the way, there are at least 12 album titles in this post, in case you didn’t notice.


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