The past couple of weeks there have been several big storms. Thankfully, Max and I were able to miss most of the bad weather when going outside for walks, except for one morning and evening when we got soaked.

Max likes water in some settings, but not while walking around getting rained on. So, we rushed back as quickly as we could and dried off.


And the drying off is something he greatly enjoys.


Although the rain eventually stopped, its effects continued to impact our walks. Whether it was puddles or mud, Max seemed to either ignorantly traipse through the mess or consciously try to get as dirty as he could. I often held him back from the big mud puddles, but he was still able to get in some.

One time when we were walking, Max was pretty hyper and wanted to run. So, we started running and ran right through a field that was much wetter than I thought. We both got very muddy, and unfortunately, having decided I didn’t need to change for this particular walk, I was wearing my nicer shoes.

At first I was frustrated that Max didn’t have any sense of cleanliness, especially concerning the mud that would get on nice clothes and be tracked into the house. After all, mud is something we avoid, right?

But now I think Max might just have a better sense of cleanliness than I do. He understands that no matter how messy you get, you can still get cleaned up. Whether intentional or not, mud happens, but the more important thing to remember is that we can clean up that mud (though Max has still not done much of the cleaning).


(He just lays around until his wet toe hair finally dries.)

After a storm comes a mess, but that mess, sooner or later, can be cleaned up. Thus, maybe the power of cleanliness is not centered in desperately trying to avoid any mess (though that can be helpful), but rather in trusting that whatever happens, we can find some way to clean it up.


So, thank you Max for teaching me that muddiness happens, and that no matter how muddy we get, we can still get clean.


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