At heart, Max is undoubtedly a vivacious dancer.

And I’m convinced that such dancing both emerges from a joyful spirit and keeps his spirit jubilant.

Max has taught me how important it is to just dance. When I’m busy doing something serious and important he comes prancing in, shattering that sense of importance.

But it’s not just a matter of having fun and being silly. He does that, of course, as his own version of swing dance proves.  Rather, it’s a matter of having fun and being silly with another being.

That’s what dancing is all about, right?  Sure there are solo dances, but what makes it all so exciting is when people come together to share in a rhythm.  They join their own unique styles in one common endeavor.

Max and I have very different styles (especially of dance – he always adds hops that I really don’t think fit in the music), but he has taught me that what matters most is breaking loose and sharing the moment with another.

There’s a word for that…compassion.

Compassion involves sharing life’s ups and downs with another. And in showing compassion, Max has taught me that sometimes you just gotta dance.


Sometimes, you just gotta cry. Sometimes you just gotta be angry, because while the world is filled with joy, it is also filled with pain.

Max has shown me that it is important to express these emotions and do so compassionately –

So that we not let our spirits grow hardened and retreat from expression,

So that we not get so wrapped up in the importance of things that we fail to embrace the dynamic movement of the moment.

Because what matters is that we are present with others in all of life’s craziness – in smiling, laughing, crying, cursing, speaking out.

That’s what it means to dance – and sometimes, you just gotta dance.

(This is where I am getting all my new dance moves.)

So thank you Max, for dancing with me.  Thank you for being compassionate and teaching compassion – for smiling and mourning, and, in doing so, proving that above all we must join together and share a rhythm for the healing of our spirits.


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